SFU Student Union Building

Simon Fraser University

Burnaby, BC

Project Info
SFU Student Union Building
Burnaby, BC
Completion Date: 2018
Square Footage: 110,650
LEED-NC Gold Registered

The Student Union Building (SUB) is the first major new construction along Convocation Mall, in the heart of Arthur Erickson’s iconic campus design. A significant architectural opportunity, the building harmoniously integrates into the existing campus fabric with façade treatment and massing, while simultaneously creating a new focal point for student activity.

Planned and designed to enhance student life and community at SFU, the new SUB will provide SFU students with new amenities that support non-academic activities and provide a respite from studies with lounge, social, group study, dining, and club spaces. The building is intended to be a “home away from home” for students, and enhance the SFU campus experience.

The SUB is conceived as a terraced massing consistent with the SFU design master plan of ‘stepping down the mountain’. This creates opportunities to maximize daylight inside the building and provides multi-level south facing terraces. Student spaces, which are placed at the building perimeter and on all five storeys, are interconnected with a grand social stair that provides visual connection and a sense of place on campus.

The SUB space program contains SFSS Administration, student activities, organizations, and clubs, food and retail lounge and meeting spaces, and multi-use space.