Griffiths Pedestrian Bridge

City of Burnaby

Burnaby, British Columbia

Project Info
Griffiths Pedestrian Bridge
Burnaby, British Columbia
Completion Date: 2008

Architectural Award, 2008
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction

The Griffiths Pedestrian Bridge is Burnaby’s first architecturally detailed and creatively engineered pedestrian overpass. The City of Burnaby commissioned our firm and Fast + Epp to design a multi-use bridge that would be safe, accessible, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and economical to construct using a similar budget to a conventional concrete post-and-beam structure.

The 12-foot-wide, 65-foot-long bridge spans Griffiths Way in south Burnaby. The elegant, visually arresting structure consists of an HSS structural frame suspended from a hollow steel tube arch with stainless-steel cables. A thin concrete deck rests on the frame, following an S-shaped path to allow for an offset in the right-of-way at either side of the street. As a result, the architectural and structural frame are skewed in plan, introducing a gentle shift in the angle of suspension cables over the length of the span.

An 8-foot-high stainless-steel mesh screen, supported by curved steel stanchions, offers protection along the main span. On the approach spans, the stanchions are reduced to five feet, with a guard of stainless-steel cables. Wooden handrails run the length of bridge.