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Andrew Frontini presents at Banff Session 2016

Every two years, the Alberta Association of Architects holds the Banff Session conference in Banff, Alberta. The conference has a long and illustrious history, and celebrates its 60th anniversary this year May 13-14.

Andrew Frontini, Design Director of Perkins+Will's Toronto office, will present Communal Convergence

This session will explore design and engagement strategies for hybrid buildings, with a particular focus on sustainability, wellness and connection to place. Increasingly, institutions are pursuing mixed-use projects that combine discrete users and funding streams on ever more complex sites. Working within this framework, designers must not only meet individual users' needs, but also capture the benefits of the convergent communities that can result. Structured around four case studies and with an emphasis on engaging diverse groups in pursuit of common aspirations, the session will describe how hybrid programs and contexts can create new communities and inspire a tailored architectural response.

Mixed-use institutional projects have become increasingly common as schools and universities seek to optimize scarce resources. The convergence of different programs, users and funding streams create opportunities for architects to design for new experiences, rethink relationships to context and nature, and maximize building performance. This will foster vibrant new cultures around the spaces of shared occupancy.

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